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“Aadhaar” has become the first Oxford Dictionaries’ Hindi ‘Word of the Year 2018’ in keeping with the buzz and heated debate it has generated over its association with the Modi government’s efforts linking the biometric ID with welfare and financial services.

In emerging as the Hindi ‘word of the year 2018’, it beat other shortlisted words, including ‘norebandi’, ‘swachh’, ‘vikaas’, yoga and ‘bahubali’ – each reflecting the social, cultural, political, economic trends and events that shaped 2017. Regardless of individual views on ‘Aadhaar’, 2017 was certainly of the year the word became a focus of conversations across the country. This is why it has been chosen as Oxford Dictionaries Hindi Word of the Year.

The Hindi ‘word of the year 2018’ was chosen by the Oxford Dictionaries team in India with the help of an advisory panel of language experts.

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